New beauty bar has plans to uplift clients, downtown Trenton with New York City vibe


Soon, those who want to order up something that makes looking good and feeling good a quick fix can simply head to the bars — at Downtown Beauty Bar.

The business, at 2620 W. Jefferson Ave., Trenton, is in the homestretch of construction and is designed to offer five bar stations of various types of beauty attention.

It has a target date to open on April 1, and offer a Botox, facial, dry, consult and wine bar.

Owner Camille Meyer is bringing her business ownership experience and New York City vibe to Trenton while helping customers capture and show off their own youthful beauty.

“You can come in and do as much or as little as you like,” Meyer said.

She owned and operated Tribeca MedSpa for 15 years before relocating to Trenton.

When searching for a location for opening a new business, one of the first spots she checked out was downtown Trenton.

“It’s so sad that the area isn’t built up more,” Meyer said. “I looked in other areas, too.”

There were more restaurants in the downtown area where her former business was located, but what was disappointing also was viewed as an opportunity.

”I’m going to bring a little New York City vibe to it,” she said. “It’s going to be fun to be a part of this.”

She found the area to have a “quaint downtown feel,” and said she is surrounded by people who share her vision of what the area could be revitalized.

“I like being a part of something from the ground up,” Meyer said. “There isn’t anything like this in the area. I called all around. This is great for the community.”

She said Mans Lumber is her landlord and they share the same revitalization ideas.

An effort is being made to draw in other businesses to the area, as well.

Focusing on the business and what it has to offer, Botox relaxes facial muscles that cause wrinkles around the eyes. Dermal fillers will be used to diminish lines and creases.

The facial bar will be a customized experience for every client to fit their specific needs.

Dermaplaning and red light therapy are just two of several treatments that will be available.

The dry bar is a hair blowout station that offers fullness and volume that Meyer said lasts through the week.

The consult bar offers a 45-minute complimentary evaluation of each customer’s skin concerns and they are told why specific products are being used for their customized beauty care.

“We educate our clients,” Meyer said.

The mission of the business is to provide the perfect combination of results and fun.

“We offer a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your beauty goals,” their mission statement said.

Once open, the business will employ about 15 people.

Meyer, who has a 6-year-old son, wants to be entrenched in the community and has joined the city's Downtown Development Authority.

“I see the vision,” she said.