Gotham Guide: New Tastes from Maracuja, Dre's Dessert & More


Gotham Guide is a weekly list of new restaurants, special menus and pop-ups throughout New York City. Support local businesses and head out on a culinary adventure with our suggestions below.

It's official. New York City will completely reopen on July 1! We’ve been waiting for this news for more than a year, and it’s exciting to think it’s less than two months away.

During the citywide shutdown, we had to say goodbye to many of our favorite restaurants, but there are plenty of new eateries ready to start fresh legacies, and this week's Gotham Guide is here to celebrate some truly divine flavors.

From Black-owned ice cream delivery to Mexican pizza, Spanish delights in Brooklyn and the return of lobster rolls, there are some wonderful small businesses to support this weekend. Mask up and make sure they stay in business before the city fully reopens.