Critic Says This Upper West Side Sandwich Is The Best In NYC


UPPER WEST SIDE, NY — In some major bragging rights for the neighborhood, a critic from Eater NY just named an Upper West Side restaurant's sandwich the very best in New York City.

Robert Sietsema, a senior critic at Eater NY, a popular food ranking and news website, has been chronicling and listing his favorite sandwiches throughout the five boroughs.

On Wednesday, he published an article entitled "11 More NYC Sandwiches That Are Us Through the Pandemic," and a sandwich from an Upper West Side Japanese eatery took home the top spot.

The Potato Croquette Sando from Curry Mania at 267 Amsterdam Avenue, between West 72nd and 73rd Streets, was ranked as the best sandwich in the city.

Here's what Sietsema had to say about it:

"Sandwich fans know that a sandwich is often as much about the starch as it is about the meat. In this case, there is no meat, so in some ways the potato sando here is the perfect sandwich, an arrow of raw carb energy shot straight to the musculature. The delightful mashed-potato croquette is crunchy inside its bed of crumbs and is nestled between crustless white bread. This salty and greasy sandwich ($13.99), still available as a pop-up at Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai, is pure pleasure, and you'll get up and run a mile after you eat it."

Curry Mania is a newcomer to the Upper West Side, opening in April 2021 within the Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai at the same location.

The eatery is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and you can find out more about the restaurant on its website.

ILoveTheUpperWestSide was the first publication to report on the top-ranking neighborhood sandwich.