Bloomberg Thinks 'Best' Indian Food is the World is in NYC and Desis are Outraged


Where’s the best Greek food in the world? Greece. Where’s the best Spanish food in the world? Spain. These answers seem a little obvious? They are - but not if you’re a successful global business news portal - then your answer may have been something else. Bloomberg Business has landed itself in the world of Twitter backlash for putting out what appears to be more than just a hot-take. Late on Saturday night, the Twitter handle of the business portal while sharing a story about how ‘an enterprising chef-restaurateur duo upends long-held dining wisdom,’ in US’ New York City, mentioned in the tweet that “The world’s best Indian food is in New York City."

It didn’t pass the vibe check.

While Bloomberg may have implied that the best Indian food from London, or the best Indian food in the world has now found a home in New York City, the tweet came off as a little tone-deaf for not missing the very obvious bit in the tweet itself. The story Bloomberg’s tweet linked too was ‘New York Now Has Better Indian Food Than London,’ which itself isn’t a problematic take. But some paragraphs into the article written by Indian journalist, Bobby Ghosh, are the lines, “For now, know there is nothing like it in London, or even New Delhi." While that itself may be a hot take, it is a little far from what the tweet itself said.

Indians on Twitter didn’t take very well to this controversial opinion, and they certainly didn’t mince their words.