Sick of working from home? Lug your laptop to these outdoor NYC spots


The newly vaccinated are suffering from another pandemic-era malady — they’re sick of working from home.

But with spring weather kicking in, 9-to-5 professionals now have the chance to break free from their cramped apartments and — with the risk of spreading COVID-19 in fresh air “really very low,” according to Dr. Anthony Fauci — work from exterior spaces at a number of local spots. 

Apart from outdoor cafes and parks, those itching to break free can now stay productive in public courtyards, private clubs or even at a Brooklyn brewery.

Still, city dwellers who are looking to mix up their daily grind should mind their manners, Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, told The Post.

“Because restaurants are still severely limited with indoor occupancy limitations and may not have that many seats outside, they may hope people don’t sit and linger,” said Rigie, 38.

When in doubt about overstaying your welcome, Rigie added, just ask! There are a slew of other spots for the work-from-home crowd to get their jobs done — and maybe network a little bit, too. Here’s a look at where to lug your laptop.