Restaurants Are Upping Their Soft Serve Ice Cream Game in NYC


When a summertime hankering for a soft serve cone hits, your first instinct may be to perk your ears and listen for that iconic jingle. But beyond a perfect chocolate-and-vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles from local ice cream trucks roaming our streets, NYC has way more to offer in the realm of soft serve.

And while places like Milk Bar and Big Gay Ice Cream have garnered nationwide soft serve followings, we aren’t talking about them either. Actually, the best soft serve ice cream in town can be found at some of the city’s top restaurants and bakeries. These spots boldly explore what can be done with this simple medium, dressing up basic twists with olive oil and flaky sea salt in addition to offering flavors like sweet seasonal melon and savory butter croissant. So quit chasing ice cream trucks and ditch the plain chocolate and vanilla—or try an upgraded gelato version instead—for these 15 restaurants and bakeries around NYC with creative summer soft serve.



From the team behind Mediterranean favorite Shuka, this energetic offshoot has all the dips, charcoal grilled meat, and pita one would expect. In a section playfully called “the mic drop,” the restaurant’s lone dessert is oat milk soft serve. The dessert stays true to the rest of Shukette’s flavor profiles and comes in a tahini flavor topped with halva floss, hazelnuts, and in-season sour cherries.