Tweestar offers better content creator experience than OnlyFans


In what is now a digital age, creating content online is essential for entertainers to connect with their fanbase and even earn money alongside. However, being a content creator is difficult as it requires a lot of dedication, creativity, and patience—and for adult entertainers, the task is made even more difficult with stiff competition.

Since the pandemic began, many adult performers have broken away from traditional studio productions to shooting and publishing their own content—earning more money in the process. While one of the main objectives is to produce content of the highest quality, delivering it to their audience using the right digital platform is just as essential. Through this platform, they can provide exclusive content to their fans using a subscription model or even offering live cam streams.

One popular content sharing platform that has attracted both adult and non-explicit content creators is OnlyFans. The London-based internet content subscription service created an avenue for entertainers to share their content online with their fans and charge a subscription fee for custom content. However, while this platform became somewhat popular with adult entertainers, it wasn’t originally designed to accommodate such content and it’s one of the reasons why it announced in August 2021 that it would be blocking “sexually explicit” content on the platform—though they eventually rescinded that decision.

The need for another platform that provides adult content creators with the flexibility they need to express their creativity without fear of being banned or losing out on revenue has become quite essential. Tweestar is a new platform that is providing adult entertainers with a better content creator experience than other mainstream platforms. On this fan-model site, you can either choose to become a content creator or influencer and upload your pictures, videos or customer content and sell them at a price.

Unlike OnlyFans, Tweestar has heavily optimized its user interface, making it easy for visitors to find new models and connect with them in just a few simple steps. There is an explore page where you get to see random models based on a unique algorithm and you can even get to view their followings posts. You will also be able to see the posts of content creators who are actively engaging and sharing content on Tweestar.

Many men and women have decided to create adult content as a means to generate extra income, and since Tweestar is a nudity friendly platform, it provides adult content creators with all they need to entertain their audience and earn while they at it. You can create and launch custom sites that would act as a showcase page for your pictures, videos, and any other type of content.

Interacting with fans is quick and much easier for entertainers than on other platforms like OnlyFans. When a subscriber visits your custom website, they will gain access to all of your latest posts and they can access your live camera feed—similar to ‘going live’ on Instagram or Facebook. The incorporation of an instant private messaging feature ensures that users can easily communicate with entertainers without exiting the website.

The platform allows fans to follow their favourite adult entertainer and equally like their content. They’ll also be notified whenever a new upload is made on Tweestar—which can also be accessed in the notification section of the website. As an entertainer, having this notification system is bound to increase the reach of your content to a wider audience and your fans would be made aware of any new picture or video that was uploaded to Tweestar, all in a matter of seconds.

Another distinctive feature of this social media content platform is allowing adult models to start a live webcam once they can complete their verification process. An added advantage of this feature for models is that it gives them the freedom to interact with their fans publicly or privately depending on what works best for them.

The platform has four ways that models can sell their content for money. Fans can gain access to an adult model’s photos, videos, galleries, and custom content. Additionally, they can choose to either pay directly for the content they want or opt for a paid subscription model. Tweestar’s referral program also allows models to earn as high as 5 per cent commission in a year for referring content creators to the platform.

Ultimately, Tweestar gives content creators more creative freedom than most content sharing platforms—with an abundance of features. Since the platform has a growing number of active users, it is definitely worth the time for both viewers and content creators.